Coaching with Su Carlson

Testimonials for Su Carlson

“Su has helped me to over come hurdles that I considered too challenging or impossible and helped me see things in a different perspective. Also to deal with people in a different manner just by the way you speak to them, which is so simple, yet so effective once you you know how to.

Su has given me the tools to be a better and more confident person in myself, one I have always wanted to be, but didn’t know how to. Since working with Su the goals that I wanted in life actually seem achievable and for this I am thankful and grateful for Su.”
James – UK


“Where to start! Su is an amazing woman who has changed my world beyond belief. I thought I was always going to be an angry stressed person, but with Su’s help I’ve got the tools I needed to change all that.

If you are willing to try and make yourself a better person, but don’t know how to get there, then you need Su. She has done so much for me. I will always be eternally grateful to her.
Thank you”
Si –UK


“Su has equipped me with the tools required in order for me to live my best life, the one I could only dream of before I worked with her. Her professionalism and extensive knowledge have helped me to clear out the self-destructive clutter in my mind. Her skills have helped me to retrain my brain to rid old behaviour which was ruining my outlook on life and with her gentle, yet effective guidance, I have become aware of who I am. All of this has had a profound affect, not only on how I see myself, but how I view those around me. I feel like this is the first time in my life where I am seeing straight, which makes it easy to see a fulfilling and bright future. I would not have got here, if it wasn’t for Su.

I highly recommend Su to many people that I know, because I see how she could enrich their lives, if only they would allow it.

Su truly is a magnificent Personal Relationship Coach and I have been blessed from the moment we met.”
Ange – UK


“I have found Su to be a consummate professional. She is passionate and tenacious about her work
Su utilised her skills to capture the essence of my situation, act as a driver to motivate/ promote self awareness and facilitate change. I now feel empowered to make the important decisions that are required at this phase of my life and I could not have achieved so much in such a short period of time without Su’s guiding hand.

I would not hesitate to recommend Su to anyone who wants to make a positive transformation in any aspect of their lives.”
Ian – UK


“From the outset Su develops a rapport and connects at a trusting level.
I was ready to be coached in support of significant changes I intended to make to my working life and to the education of my son who has severe learning difficulties. I also wished to be coached towards longer term aims for life over the next ten years.

From very early on I was genuinely supported and this helped me overcome my natural instinct to put others before myself at the expense of my own fulfilment. Having agreed a contract for the work based upon supporting my various transitions, I found Su’s style of coaching purposeful and intelligent with a well developed ‘emotional ear’. I really benefited from the release that Su had empowered for me. She made me much more aware of the importance of placing myself at the centre of my actions.

The sessions were always useful and I feel good to have Su as my coach, she is both empathetic and objective and she continues to support me. Su respects her clients and the contracted boundaries and is naturally supportive on a personal level bringing her considerable experience of other life settings to her coaching to very good effect. I hold Su as my coach in high regard and would not hesitate to recommend her to others.”
Les – New Zealand


“My initial thoughts about Life Coaching was that it was some hyped up buzz word from America, which was a bit like Counselling but weirder, like the therapist would tell you what to do, or something like that! So when I started the sessions with Su I thought I knew what to expect. The experience was so much more liberating, rather than leaving a counselling session feeling drained because you poured your heart out, I bounced out the door with loads of enthusiasm. I was eager to get on with the plans that were in my head all along, they were just so jumbled up I couldn’t think straight.

Su helped me to find clarity in all my muddled thoughts and desires, in every session I felt like I learnt something new about the way we humans think and act, then I applied it in daily life. I feel that I am a much more confident person more able to deal with future stresses, like getting made redundant, which I think would have left me a wreck if I didn’t have the sessions with Su.
Thank you Su!”
Amy – UK


“Su gently provided coaching at a level that I could take on board. The results have been massive as it has obviously opened my mind because I had never been aware in the past and had never used that particular way of thinking before. I now have greater awareness of what I need to work towards and have the tools to do this.

It has been an emotional process that has made me aware of my abilities. It has given me coping strategies and helped me to deal with things so that I can work towards a more positive outcome. I have learned a lot about myself as I was generally negative and self destructive before, but I now have the skills to help myself overcome this trait. I am very grateful for having met Su. This has made me realise that I am good enough and that I am not alone. My relationships have improved because I have a greater understanding of myself. I now receive things differently and I am more open and can communicate more confidently than before. This has lead people responding to me more positively which boosts my confidence further.

I used to have a deep rooted fear of all dogs but can now walk around the park with Su and her lovely dog and not be afraid of other dogs, even the big ones! All of this has had a massive affect on me and in my work, which deals with the public. I now have a greater respect from my colleagues and am able to promote myself more positively.”


“Su is a fantastic coach! If you want someone who will stand with you, challenge you, encourage you and champion you as you explore the issues you face and the changes you want to make – then I would strongly recommend Su.
I found Su to be very intuitive and perceptive and she was able to skilfully disentangle the web of goals, hopes, beliefs and fears that I brought to coaching. She was able to bring into perspective the most important issues and to help challenge my thinking and enable me to move forward with new and exciting insights.
In particular Su has a great ability to challenge you where you need be challenged, to encourage you where you lack confidence, to empathise with you where you need to be heard and to get you moving forward when you have got stuck.”
Rich – UK


“At first there was chaos followed by calm… I refer to the thoughts in my head at the onset of my journey with Su. She empowered me with a set of skills and strategies that enabled me to deal with life’s issues, both good and bad, giving me the ability to enrich my life in ways I didn’t think I was capable of. I now have clearly defined goals and the confidence to get out there and achieve them! Thank you.”
Sally – UK


“I have never met anyone like Su. Having been to a number of counsellors in the past, who just didn’t make a connection. I was totally amazed that after a few sessions Su had connected with me in a way that blew me away. I have been able to transform the parts of my life that needed to change. I am so grateful for this.”
Carrey – Canada


“Su helped me lift the fog that had accumulated in my brain about where I was headed in life. It sounds a bit cliché to say I ‘felt empowered’, but I really did, and still do. So much so, I only need occasional ‘top-up’ sessions to keep my direction. Su is an awesome force for change”
Amy – Australia


“I had coaching Su with a mixture of telephone and face to face sessions and found Su to be very intuitive and perceptive and she was able to skilfully disentangle the web of goals, hopes, beliefs and fears that I brought to coaching. She was able to bring into perspective the most important issues and to help challenge my thinking and enable me to move forward with new and exciting insights.

During the coaching sessions the issues that we covered included balance, space, dealing with conflict, managing stress, challenging limiting beliefs, transitioning roles and finding a better life rhythm. With all of these issues I felt very understood and supported by Su, and she was able to provide genuine warmth, positive regard and very quickly established strong rapport and a safe space. She made use of a range of relevant coaching tools to support the coaching work. She also used powerful questions, timely interjections, and very effectively kept me to account for the changes that I wanted to make.

I found the sessions to be very profound and the work we did enabled me to make significant steps in the areas we explored. In particular I found that Su had a great ability to challenge me where I needed to be challenged, to encourage me where I lacked confidence, to empathise with me when I needed to be heard and to get me moving forward where I had got stuck.

At all times I found Su to be very professional as a coach and the ethical framework that she took instilled a sense of safety and confidence.”
Richard – UK


“Su has helped me see my life differently. I have a better relationship with others now and can see a future with happiness in it. I would recommend Su to anyone who needs help with their life.”
Dalton – Canada