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Su Carlson

I have spent many years increasing my knowledge base for my work. I’ve overcome many life affecting events and see every negative thing that has happened to me as a blessing, an opportunity to learn. It has given me great empathy for the situations my clients find themselves in.

I’ve many hobbies from cooking, upcycling furniture, growing vegetables and fruit, mosaicing and spending quality time with my beloved grandsons and their parents. I have travelled extensively, often alone and spent a year living in a 26′ motorhome and I loved it!

I spent two years living on Vancouver Island watching amazing wildlife from my deck and am now happily settled in fabulous Brixham, South Devon, UK, with my husband and pooch.

My focus

It has been said that I am “passionate about people’s right to be happy” and that I “see” you. A deep intuition coupled with years of quality training and life experience, gives me an insight into what may be causing blocks. I use that knowledge and a gentle ability to challenge when necessary, enabling you to find what is important to you and to live your life in balance with your core values.

My testimonials demonstrate the differences from when people start working with me and when they start living their happiness. I am privileged to be a part of the process and love watching the ‘aha’ moments, the real you emerge, the person you were always meant to be. I love being part of a process that help you improve your life.

Letting go of the things that held you back and move into the life you deserve is easy when you know how to. Personal Relationship Coaching facilitates the how to.

My background

I’ve had a varied and interesting background, working in the private and public sector. My interest in people was peaked when I worked for the Ambulance Service. I have since then worked in a wide variety of fields: HIV educator, mental health worker, male cancer educator, advanced motorcycle instructor, property developer, landlord, certified crime investigator for the police and now coach.

During the 25 years since gaining my first relevant qualification, I have added new skills each year. I was introduced to coaching when it was in its infancy and realised that what I had been doing had a name and formalised it with an Advanced Diploma in Life Business and Executive Coaching at the Iron Mill College in Exeter.

My passion is helping people find the happiness they want in life, in love and in their career.

Keeping it simple

We humans have the same basic needs, but we have a fabulous ability to make it complicated.  I try to keep my life as simple as possible, by living my core values and making room for joy. In my distant past and without realising it I was inviting in a toxic drama filled experience and I was unhappy, struggling to carry my burdens. When I became more conscious of what I was doing, I changed my behaviour, my thoughts and actions. As my consciousness grew and my life improved I noticed how calm things now were. This shift in energy enabled me to create a life for myself that resonates with my core values and brings me a more satisfying outcome. I use all that I have learned about myself and others to my work and share that knowledge so that you can have what you want.

The Carlson Model of Responsibiliy

I developed the Carlson Model Of Responsibility, a simple and effective model and the foundation for all the work I do, which demonstrates how to take your own responsibility and gives other’s theirs back. Easily used on a daily basis, it can allow you to remove toxic drama and understand what you need to do to create a less stressful life.

Personal Relationship coaching

I created Personal Relationship Coaching to work with you as an individual and the relationship you have with yourself, exploring what it is that you want and how to get it. This came from many years of finding my own happiness and understanding myself in that process, alongside intensive training and learning. I explored the relationship I have with myself and came to realise that if we all look at our own relationship with ourselves, our potential for a more satisfying life increases.

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