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Personal Relationship Coaching in Brixham

Being “Passionate about your right to be happy”, I help you find what you need to have your happiness, whatever that means to you and have the life you want to live.

About Personal Relationship Coaching

Personal Relationship Coaching simply means working on the relationship you have with yourself. I help you to find out what happiness means to you and what you need in order to have that.

Personal Relationship Coaching helps you accept what has happened to you in the past without digging it up and reliving it, working with you where you are now and taking you forward to where you want to be. We can’t change what’s happened, but learning from it can change our future.

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“Su has equipped me with the tools required in order for me to live my best life, the one I could only dream of before I worked with her. Her professionalism and extensive knowledge have helped me to clear out the self-destructive clutter in my mind. Her skills have helped me to retrain my brain to rid old behaviour which was ruining my outlook on life and with her gentle, yet effective guidance, I have become aware of who I am. All of this has had a profound affect, not only on how I see myself, but how I view those around me. I feel like this is the first time in my life where I am seeing straight, which makes it easy to see a fulfilling and bright future. I would not have got here, if it wasn’t for Su.

I highly recommend Su to many people that I know, because I see how she could enrich their lives, if only they would allow it.

Su truly is a magnificent Personal Relationship Coach and I have been blessed from the moment we met.
Ange – UK

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About Su

Su CarlsonI’ve had a varied and interesting background, working in the private and public sector. My interest in people was peaked when I worked for the Ambulance Service. I have since then worked in a wide variety of fields: HIV educator, mental health worker, male cancer educator, advanced motorcycle instructor, property developer, landlord, certified crime investigator for the police and now coach.

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